noenemy, 2008

Installation / Sculpture

Site-specific project,

7 wooden letters covered by lead,

dim 250×150 cm

Courtesy of the artist and the Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto

I chose to install this work in the foyer of the Mart’s third floor so that those who came from the stairs wouldn’t understand immediately the meaning of the sentence. There is no bigger distance between the word NO and the word ENEMY functional to divide the sentence into two words, because every letter is the same distance from one another. This placement immediately confuses the observer because he clearly sees one big monumental word, but he can’t understand the meaning. Unitary vision doesn’t permit such an understanding. This work embodies the ambiguity of the representation and the languages that, through dialectic, define what something is excluding and creating at the same time as what it is not. In the same way, identity and enemy create themselves, in a dialectical way, being one is the reason for being the other. In the spaces among the letters, in all those space hosting ambiguity and in which things cannot be defined, we can find a fertile space to exist before every dual way of thinking.