Traum, 2019

Performance / Sculpture

TRAUM is a visceral investigation of the role of violence in relationships and of the phisical and psychic space of the domestic intimacy



 1. Mother nervously washing the dishes

2. The radioactive space between the sink and the table

3. The punishment for leaving the door open

4. Wooden spoon

5. The hideout under the table

6. Clockwork silence

7. Ominous steps on the stairs dropping the

dropping the 1° ceramic sheet on the floor

1. Counting the days until I can run away

2. – 1922

3. The duty to hate her, no more than is necessary, to keep living with her

4. Homework

5. The difference between crying and praying dropping the

dropping the 2° ceramic sheet on the floor

1. I don’t deserve this

2. Holding onto the innocence of the dog’s gaze

3. Drawing for hours, to see things reborn

4. The stubborn belief that freedom exists right outside

5. – 1267

6. I didn’t do anything wrong

dropping the 3° ceramic sheet on the floor

1. I won’t run away

2. The sooner it starts, the sooner it ends

3. Creating the occasion to let them insult me, today again

4. Creating the occasion to set them free, today again

5. – 953

6. The delight in her eyes

7. The leather belt

8. My back burning

9. My eyes wide open

10. If your mom hates you, you deserve it, don’t you?

dropping the 4° ceramic sheet on the floor

1. The space of night for thinking

2. Ashamed furniture

3. The indifference of the room

4. The betrayal of daylight

5. Counting the bruises as trophies

6. The freedom to do it all over again

7. – 423 dropping the 5° ceramic sheet on the floor

The end