August 6th mon amour, 2015

Video / Installation



col., loop

In July 2013 I went to Hiroshima to interview two survivors of the atomic bomb. What really impressed me was that both said to me that even though they survived, the bomb never stopped detonating for them since for their whole lives, they had to hide that they had been to Hiroshima during the bombing. For the H bomb survivors, in fact, it was very hard to find a job or get married, since they ran the risk anytime to get ill or have ill children. Somehow their lives got stuck after the bomb. Both the survivors told me that the worst time of their lives was not when the bomb was dropped but when they had to deal with love problems. He felt lost when he wasn’t allowed to marry his girlfriend (because of her father’s will) and she felt desperate when she lost her husband. It means that everyone of us has experienced his/her own personal little Hiroshima.

That’s why I took the image of the Hiroshima watch (the one that has been found after the bomb was dropped and that now is in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum) and I moved the minute hand one minute later and I added the second hand twitching for one second.